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Websites that Stay New

Our Maintenance and SEO Packages keep your website up to date and as close to the top of Google and other search engines as possible

maintenance and seo


If you need to add something to your website or change it in some way then we will be there to make that change for you. Just give us a call and we will get straight to it.


We will look at reports to find areas of improvement on the site and how to make it better. We will keep updating the software running to help prevent attacks to your site. We will also monitor the site for suspicious activity to keep your website running healthily.

Competitive Edge

By having us handle SEO we can modify your website to make searching and finding your website better. You won’t need to worry about the ins and outs we can just get to it and give you the advantage over competitors.

Why have SEO

Increased Traffic

Top search engine results receive the majority of clicks

Higher ROI

Websites cost money, so if you want to get the best use out of it people have to be able to find it

Cost Effective

SEO is the most cost-effective marketing that you can have, this means it should also be the first.

Increased Usability

SEO is based on how good your website is, so by having SEO it should mean the site is easier to use.

More Trust

By having your site rank high people inherently trust it more, just like searching for eBay you expect the real eBay to appear first.

Why Choose Maintenance

Maintenance allows you to keep your website in that tip top condition. Just like you would look after a house we look after your website, helping keep the website secure and running.

maintenance and seo

Automatic Updates

We get the updates done so that you don’t have to. These can improve site functionality, increase site stability and improve on security

Support Time

Each month you will have at least 90 minutes support time so that you can get help from us with your website

Website Backup

We will back up your website every day, week or month to prevent your data from getting lost. Successful websites can not afford to be without backups as they could lose more money than it costs

Quick Response

You can call us if there is an issue with your site and we will begin resolving your issue as soon as possible

Add Content

We can add content to your website such as products, images, videos as you want so that we are effectively fully managing your website

Give us a call on 07894154306 or fill out the form below

maintenance and seo