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Your One Stop Computer Solution

Oncomp is a computer consultancy and solution provider in the South East of England.
We provide internet access, websites, IT support, online apps or anything else you want to have for yourself or your business


We provide internet access around East London and Essex currently offering the lowest pricing compared to all major competitors including Sky, Talk Talk, and BT.

We can also service areas that have only got extremely slow speeds such as those far away from internet cabinets (Them boxes at the side of the road) and areas that cant get broadband internet like those in the countryside and outskirts of cities.

If you need internet, then we have you covered


We can build a website to suit your needs. Looking to create an Online Store, Estate Agent, Car Dealer or more of a brochure type then we can give you a competitive price and make it work for you. We make bespoke websites that can rank high on Google and build it on strong frameworks such as WordPress to make getting a website as easy as that

Cloud Apps

Looking for a solution to handle customer relations, finances, data or a school? Then we have you covered with our  cloud services that can make your idea a reality. Get a fully fledged ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your Hobby, Business or School and stay on top of your IT needs

IT Support

If you need help with your IT infrastructure then we can help. We can provide support by setting up networks for businesses or large buildings that need wired or wireless networks throughout the building. We also help with machine support so if you need someone to look after your computers then we can do that too